Scott Faber

My name is Scott Faber and volleyball is my passion. It started in high school after getting cut from my high school basketball team for being too short of all things (my shot wasn’t that great either) and a friend of mine said I should play volleyball. The rest is history. I played club for Seaside down in San Diego for 1 year and then walked on at Long Beach State. I was lucky enough to have a coach who took a real interest in me and made sure I would be successful. After 2 years of grueling work, I earned a scholarship. I learned what it meant to be a volleyball player, the hard work, the commitment and what it means to be a teammate From a walk on in 1995 to the starting middle in the 1999 NCAA Championship game, I learned that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

I believe in positivity with accountability. I don’t care about the mistake, I care about fixing it and not repeating the same mistakes. I believe that there is a time to talk about it but when you hit the floor, it’s time to be about it. There is no greater feeling in sports than giving it all you have and seeing it pay off. That’s what I want our student athletes to feel. I believe you can accomplish anything if you have the right support and that’s what we are, a support system. I believe in putting the girls first and the rest will fall into place.

Volleyball has given me everything, a wonderful wife and two beautiful little girls, a great career and a group of friends I couldn’t get by without. Now, it’s time to give back, that’s why I do what I do. GO SVVC!!

Coaching history:


2011-12- Gold Cal Jrs. 15/1 Power Assistant Coach

2012-13- PVC 15/1 Power Assistant Coach

2013-14- PVC 18/1 Power Head Coach

2014-15-SVVC 15/1 Power Head Coach/18/1 Head Coach

2015-16-SVVC 18/1 Power Head Coach

2016-17-SVVC 13/1 Power Co-Coach/ 18/1 Power Head Coach

2017-18-SVVC 15/1 Power Co-Coach/ 18/1 Power Head Coach

2018-19 -SVVC 16/1 Power Coach

2019-20-SVVC 17/1 Power Coach


2014-Present SVVC Beach Coach