A few Frequently Asked Questions about the Camp. . .
Why are there No Division 1 Schools attending?
This camp has  Division II/III/NAIA coaches since the Division I coaches are restricted during the month of January. We plan to have a Division I opportunity/showcase camp for the Sacramento Area in June.
What is Sierra Vista’s Involvement in the camp?
Sierra Vista has agreed to host the registration and provide the umberella insurance for the camp. Sierra Vista girls are registering and paying for the camp just like everyone else.
Why Sacramento?
Typically these camps are found in Southern California and the Bay Area, despite the fact that this area is booming with talent. Our goal is to change the trend, and give Sacramento athletes opportunity in their own backyard; and allow the college coaches to see that athletes in the Sacramento area ARE serious about opportunities to play at the next level.
Who is Coaching the athletes?
The college coaches! The college coaches will be providing their own drills, running the courts, and giving feedback. We will also have a Question and Answer session with a college coach panel Sunday after the camp (at 2 pm). Bring your questions! Questions like . . . what makes a great email? What kind of questions should you ask a coach if you’re able to talk to them? How important are good grades? What is difference in expectation regarding a Division I/II/III or NAIA player? etc etc etc